How Quizzes of General Knowledge Help Intellectual Development

A boy with his father blowing bubbles

It is well known fact that playing is the best way for children to learn. A child’s brain becomes particularly responsive somewhere between the age five and puberty. This is the reason to start enhancing a child’s general knowledge as early as possible. To help you in that task we’ve made a few interesting quizzes that children will like to play, and playing them learn a lot.

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Top Anti-aging Brain Games

Brain Games for Adults

It’s been such a long time you graduated from a high-school, college or university. You occupied yourself with grown-up stuff, such as family, kids, job or whatever that takes over your daily life and routine. Some of you may find it easy to keep your intellect high and in good shape, however for some it doesn’t go so effortlessly. There is still a way to keep your brain busy, sharp and in shape, and it is not by solving math problems, puzzles or work problems. There is a fun way to do so, and it is called playing mini games. Lots of them! Of different types!
Here’s a list of the games we have chosen for you that can easily entertain you and keep your mind in a peak condition.

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A Melting Pot of Art and Technology: Key Trends

As today’s world is spinning around modern technology, sending classic, traditional values to oblivion, people from all around the globe are struggling with finding creative ways to put those old values into modern forms.

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Boost your Language Skills through Quiz Apps

Food Quiz

Are you the one that has been studying a foreign language for quite some time? You feel confident that you have made a significant progress, but also want to find a way to keep your language alive? Perhaps playing mobile games is a good and interesting way to do so. And not just any games: your perfect choice might be quiz apps and games!

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Fun Quiz Apps for Classroom

It seems like kids’ attention span nowadays is even shorter than before. With all the information and technology available to them, they become easily bored with tasks at hand and, at some point, teachers may struggle to keep the students engaged and learning. The integration of technology into classrooms came by naturally, almost spontaneously but there are so many more ways we can use technology in schools that are being explored as we speak.

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