Christmas is the ultimate synonym for happiness and joy. It is not such a rarity anymore for kids (even adults) to have fun with Christmas games and apps during holidays. Of course, the traditional activities such as decorating a Christmas tree and singing Christmas carols will never go out of fashion, but these digital age gadgets have become so popular that they are a must-have for every home. This is why we decided to get on Google Play Store, do a research and make a list of 10 Christmas games and apps to play during the holidays.

1. My Santa Claus

My Santa Claus is probably one of the most complete Christmas games you will find at Google Play Store. It has just been released, but there is so much to do with this Santa. This virtual toy is adopted as a baby and raised to become a big, old Santa Claus. In order to achieve that, players must earn coins throughout the game to be able to buy food and clothes for little Santa, but they also need to take him to the bathroom, bathe him, brush his teeth and take him to bed when sleepy. In addition to that, there are about a dozen mini games and coloring pages, a dress up game and much more you are going to discover on your own.

My Santa Claus - Christmas Games

2. Christmas Photo Frames

Christmas is the time to take and share photos, isn’t it? Christmas Photo Frames can help you make your Christmas cards in a blink of an eye. Over 20 Christmas photo frames will make each and every one of your photos look happy and cheerful, but more importantly, you will be able to save those photos instantly, send them to friends and family, as well as share them to Instagram directly from the app. Therefore, Christmas selfies, group photos by the Christmas tree or out in the snow will now be even more beautiful with Christmas Photo Frames.

Christmas Photo Frames

3. Christmas Hidden Objects

Have you ever played a hidden objects game? This game has found its place on this list because all those little detectives need something with a Christmas theme to have fun with. By discovering all the hidden objects in a level, you can obtain rare gems and unlock other levels. Moreover, there is a jigsaw puzzle mode you can turn to if you get bored looking. This is one of those fun Christmas games that will certainly test and improve your perceptive skills, so go on, get on it!


4. Santa Claus

If you type in “Santa Claus” into “Google Play” browser searching for best Christmas games, the second result will be this cute talking Santa Claus. The first one is about calling Santa on the phone, but who does that anymore? Santa Claus is a simple game, but so interesting with all its features. This Santa tells Santa jokes for you, plays the guitar and Christmas carols, gets into snowball fights, but he also sends love to all the kids around the world and puts on a fireworks show. Christmas themed mini games are also there to make sure playing this game does not become dull for the kids. Fun fact: Santa Claus is one of very few Christmas games with more than 2 million downloads. Have fun playing!

My Talking Santa Claus - Christmas Games

5. Christmas Coloring Pages

All kids love to scribble and color, so Christmas Coloring Pages are a perfect fit for this list. This Christmas app will be a perfect fun activity for the youngest in the family. Twenty coloring pages of snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas trees, Santa and snowman will provide plenty of fun to any child who likes to color… and all of them do. In addition, jolly Christmas music playing in the background will only spark the Christmas spirit even more. Get this mini coloring book for your toddlers and have fun together.

Christmas Coloring Pages - Coloring Book for Kids

6. Santa Rider – Racing Game

This one is a little different from the first five Christmas games. Santa Rider is a game for all ages. One might say it is a Christmas copy of Hill Climb Racing, only with a motorcycle instead of a car. It certainly looks like it, but it’s Santa, and the reason Santa is on a motorbike is because his sleigh was broken and he had to go around the world to distribute all the presents for Christmas. Santa’s race has the purpose of not leaving any child on this planet without a Christmas gift, so he welcomes as many helpers as he can get.


7. Christmas Songs

Hopefully, you’ve noticed so far that, in order to have a diverse list, we made sure to choose Christmas apps and games from different genres. Christmas Songs is a music app everyone should have on their device. This mini music player with over 30 Christmas songs and melodies is designed to remind you of jolly Christmas spirit and put a smile on your face. Listen to these wonderful melodies with your loved ones and enjoy the holidays!

Christmas Songs - Christmas Music

8. Christmas Sweeper 3

As we pass on to Number 8 on our list, we present a Christmas game for those who like to play and think. Christmas Sweeper 3 is one of those true thinking and matching Christmas games where you must put together at least 3 same items together in the same line in order to make progress. Endless number of levels makes you go as far as you can. Although, as you advance through levels, tasks and missions you have to complete get harder and more complicated, which makes the challenge even more interesting. Play along, turn on your brain and enjoy this fun Christmas game.


9. Christmas Sounds & Ringtones

If you thought that we were going to make this list without an app with Christmas ringtones, you were wrong. All true fans of Christmas love setting a Christmas melody as their ringtone during the holidays. Some may think it’s dull, but actually, no one can think of a Christmas carol that does not wake up the feeling of happiness and joy. So go for it, download Christmas Sounds & Ringtones, choose several for your default ringtone and contact ringtones and get that feeling of happiness every time your phone rings.

Christmas Ringtones - Christmas Sounds

10. Photo Editor for Android

You might wonder why we chose to put Photo Editor for Android on this list, but think again. Although this photo app does not have a Christmas theme, it will be of great use during the holidays. All those selfies, family photos, skiing and partying photos taken during the holidays need to be edited before posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, right? Photo Editor will help you do everything you need. Many different features will make your photos perfect before posted online.

Photo Editor for Android

As we mentioned above, Christmas is the time to be happy. Share that happiness with others. Play funny and brainy Christmas games with your kids, parents or friends; listen to Christmas music and carols, and take as many cool photos as you can! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!