As art dates back almost to the beginning of human species, it is needless to point out how important it can be in so many various aspects. And as Leo Tolstoy once noticed art is what helps other people experience and live through what we ourselves experienced in the past. Furthermore, he clearly stated that art is what saves us from being savage and hostile to one another. It sort of teaches us how to empathize. As a result, here are some of the reasons why art is important.

1. The Importance of Art in Everyday Life

Whether you realize it or not, you are surrounded with different forms of art everywhere you go. It can be a sculpture, a painting, a photograph, or something that you completely depend on but don’t consider it to be artistic. Moreover, the following are also considered art: nicely decorated towels, beautifully embroidered pillow cases or bed spreads, even some interesting lamps sitting in the corners of your rooms.

You could pose a question asking why it is so important to state these as art forms, also stating that you can do just fine with simple, non-artistic everyday items. This is where you have to be refuted, since art is essentially important as it brings joy to one’s life. First of all, it makes you feel satisfied and happy, for you chose to decorate your living space the way you did for a reason. Besides, you may not be aware of that, but it makes you calm and relaxed, as well as enthusiastic and inspired to finish various tasks, be it at home or at work.

Some studies have shown that various forms of art, combined with some nice background music, affect employees at their job rather positively, thus causing them to be more productive and show better results and performance while working. Luckily for employers and company owners, there are certain art apps which combine great pieces of art accompanied by nice music. They are easily accessible, since everyone can download them and use them on their smartphones any time of the day.

In case someone gets stuck, or is, for some reason, a little bit under the weather, he or she can, for example, savor all the beauty given in Gustav Klimt’s work, which can be reached via Gustav Klimt Virtual Museum and overcome the feeling of difficulty. It is an app that can give you a tour through the virtual art museum of Gustav Klimt’s symbolic artwork.


2. The Importance of Art in Child Development

As opposed to the past times, children today learn a lot through visuals. Namely, since the early age, kids are exposed to computers, tablets, and smartphones and they acquire using the touchscreen faster than they start speaking. That is why art is of utter importance for a child’s development. It teaches children how to interpret, criticize and use the visual information that they perceive, and to form some of their own attitudes and feelings towards certain phenomena in life.

Art can be a great reason and an excellent tool for parents to connect and re-connect with their kids. Parents do well for their family whether they decide to encourage their children to perform certain arts and crafts activities at home, and simply join them, or approach art by showing certain pieces already created by famous or less famous artists.

For instance, by using Leonardo Da Vinci Virtual Museum app, both kids and parents can enjoy his famous artwork by scrutinizing each picture to the tiniest details as it is available in HD. Besides that, they can learn certain things about Da Vinci himself, as the app includes some parts of his biography. Moreover, every painting contains a title and explains what inspired the author to paint it. One has to admit that this can be very educational, as it teaches kids that there were periods in the past when life was different and when people strived for different things. This can teach them to appreciate and value history, as well as other people’s and nations’ customs and lifestyles. Finally, it will boost their self-esteem as they will learn what it means to be an individual (like artists, musicians, or painters are), as well as what it means to belong to a certain community (like the society in the name of which artists, musicians, or painters speak).


3. The Importance of Art in Education

Art is what makes us more human. It is also what makes us complete individuals. Being able to appreciate art, one also seizes the opportunity to develop in the sense that he or she puts up with diversity, pursues creativity, and reaches emotional balance. By being at peace with oneself, people, or to be more precise, students find it easier to learn and acquire other school subjects.

Studies have shown that “the arts enhance the process of learning. The systems they nourish, which include our integrated sensory, attentional, cognitive, emotional, and motor capacities, are, in fact, the driving forces behind all other learning” (Jensen, 2001). Therefore, students who engage in art, whether they try to create something themselves or simply appreciate art by observing it from afar, have a tendency to perform better in other academic subjects. As it is discovered, art reduces student dropouts, increases attendance, develops better team players, fosters a love for learning, to name just a few. If you care to find out more about it, feel free to visit the site.

Knowing that getting in contact with art can improve your performance at school, feel free to do something about it and help yourself. For example, by downloading and using Michelangelo Virtual Museum app, students can get in touch with some of the greatest works of one of the greatest painters and sculptors of all time. This will help them broaden their experience and understanding of art. Also, this is what will enable them to connect the past, the present, and the future simultaneously, to compare and contrast them and learn a lesson.

In the end, here are some of the practical reasons that explain why art should not be forgotten and ignored. Luckily, even if one has not the opportunity to visit any gallery or spend stashes of money to invest in artistic activities or artwork, there is an alternative which can be very useful – download any of the art apps released out there and learn how to appreciate art while listening to some nice music. It will help you improve on so many levels.


To sum up, art helps one become a good citizen and a more complete individual, since it teaches students analytical thinking, collaboration and creativity. It raises their awareness that these are life-long characteristics applicable in almost every field of study or job.

Jensen, E. (2001). Arts with the brain in mind. Alexandria, Va., Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.