If you visit the app store frequently, you have probably noticed a lot of “my talking dogs” or “my talking Toms”. If you haven’t had an opportunity to try them out, or if you are only wondering what these apps are all about, then the following article will answer some of these questions. These are known as Virtual pet apps and they are really fun to use and play with. The reason why these apps are popular is simple: kids love how they work and adults have already had something similar when they were young, thus making it a pleasure to take a stroll down memory lane.

If you were a kid during the 90’s, you probably remember those little devices called Tamagotchi, which were the first version of this virtual pet app. So, if you loved playing with Tamagotchi, you will certainly love these new and improved versions. Here are 4 good reasons why you should try virtual pet apps.

They’re great for kids

Kids simply love and enjoy playing with their “my talking cat” or “my talking dog.” The animal on the screen is quite amusing and it has different facial expressions when it is happy, sad, hungry, etc. The app is really simple to use and it only requires a few taps on the screen to either feed, clean or play with the virtual pet. Much like its name suggests, the virtual pet can talk and this offers a sort of a social interaction with the child. This is the reason why kids find it engaging.

Furthermore, as a parent, you should encourage your kid to install the app, since it is non-violent, fun, and it gives your child a sense of responsibility.

They’re so much more than a Tamagotchi imitation

Tamagotchi Virtual Pet

Virtual pet apps are based on Tamagotchi, but they are so much more. The app has the same capabilities, but it’s all accompanied by far better graphics and interaction potential. Additionally, “my talking Tom” or “My talking Cat” or any similar app, have mini-games implemented inside the app, all of which are really good. These games are usually an imitation of an already viral game like flappy bird or doodle jump, but the point is that there are other games as part of the app, which is always a nice thing.

Moreover, these virtual pet apps use the full potential of phones or tablets, so you can use the microphone to record what you are saying, and the pet will say it back, for example. It’s nothing special, yet it is still entertaining.

They’re a perfect pet alternative

You know how pets can be messy, especially while they are young and untrained, and they require constant care. Sure they love you in return and no machine can replace real beings, but if you are too busy and your kid wants a real pet, then a virtual pet app might be able to come to the rescue.

Just like a real animal, “my talking dog” needs to be fed and cleaned; the only difference is that these actions are much easier to pull off. The talking dog or cat will show appreciation for a good deed just like a real pet and it will feel sad if you do not treat it properly. Moreover, there is no need to worry about allergies and other parasites since your virtual pets are apps.

They’re awesome when you need to kill some time

My Talking Panda

Even if you are an adult, virtual pets are still a good way to kill some time. You can take care of them and it will be fun, you can change their appearance and, as mentioned, there are tons of other addictive games that are already inside the app. So, if you are traveling or sitting in a waiting room, you’ll be really glad that you have adopted a virtual pet since it can rescue you from the clutches of boredom.

Hopefully, the article has managed to convince you to adopt one of these cuties. They look quite real, they are fun to play with, and most importantly, they can repeat. So, if you have a kid, or if you miss playing with a Tamagotchi, a virtual pet is just the thing for you.