Classical music has shown to the world that to be immortal is not just an illusion. Although the modern age and new technologies brought along new kinds of music, that centuries-long classical beat keeps living strong and bold. It adapts and adjusts with the help of true fans of classical music, hence it managed to find its way into our contemporary, digital world. There are hundreds of classical music apps for cell phones and tablets out there now, and that is a sign that the soul-touching classical beat is here to stay for eternity. We created a list of 5 free classical music apps you can find on Google Play Store. They make it possible to listen to your favorite composers’ works wherever you are, anytime.

Classical Music

Classical Music is an app with the most famous works of the most popular composers of all time. Over 90 classical masterpieces have been adapted to fit this music app. User-friendly interface enables everyone from 7 to 77+ to use this app with ease. It features the most famous composers, such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Schumann, Vivaldi, and others. This app can have multiple uses and you are the one to decide how it will use you. One thing is  guaranteed – you will enjoy having it.

Classical Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Music is a classical music app with a playlist that contains the most popular Mozart’s compositions. You can find all his famous works here – Don Juan (Don Giovanni), A Little Night Music (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik), The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte), Queen of the Night, The Marriage of Figaro and more. With high quality sound and easy-to-use interface, this classical music app is one of the most popular Mozart music apps online.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Classical Music

Vivaldi – Classical Music Free

Antonio Vivaldi’s music is probably the most popular with teachers who use classical music in the classroom and people who seek peace and relaxation in this kind of music. Use it to play violin concertos, The Four Seasons (Le Quattro Stagioni) and many other Vivaldi’s compositions on your mobile device. Listen to the Four Seasons, one of the most popular compositions of Baroque. Enjoy the melodies of “Winter” with its silvery pizzicato notes or “Summer”, which evokes a thunderstorm with its energy (that is why the final movement is called “Storm”). You can also listen to Laudate Dominum, a magnificent piece of music for unison violins with vocal accompaniment, the violin concerto La Stravaganza and some amazing flute concertos. Having such a music app on your device is a must.

Antonio Vivaldi Classical Music

Beethoven – Classical Music

Admirers of Ludwig van Beethoven will especially like this app. Classical music, especially elegant sounds of Beethoven’s 9th symphony or soothing sounds of Moonlight Sonata will help you cope with stress in numerous ways. It will help you relax and reach the state of harmony.

The most interesting fact about this (and other four) app is that you can listen to classical music everywhere you go, anytime you want. Relax with the sounds of Fur Elise, Ode to Joy or Eroica symphony out in the nature or during a long ride. Enjoy!

Beethoven Classical Music

Johann Sebastian Bach Music

The last, but not the least important classical music app on the list is Johann Sebastian Bach Music. Add Bach’s compositions to the list of best works of other classical composers and listen to Brandenburg concertos or Christmas Oratorio. Relax with the soothing music of various musical instruments!

Johann Sebastian Bach Classical Music

All of the classical music apps from this list are free. You will come across multiple ads while using them, but there is an option to download all the compositions you like, turn off the internet on your device and dive into wonderful classical melodies without interruption. True fans of classical music will certainly appreciate these apps since they allow you to listen to your favorite compositions anywhere you are.