Love shouldn’t be celebrated for a day only, but if it will make couples smile more and love better, why not have a special love day after all. Whether you are celebrating it with your partner at home or you are out and about, check out the following several apps which may help you get the day going and spice it up just a bit more.

1. Love Songs and Romantic Music

love songs and romantic music

It all starts with a heartbeat so why not add some music to this lovey-dovey day? Love Songs and Romantic Music app is just the one to roll the day up the hill. With over a dozen original love melodies, it will set just the right morning mood or prep you for a lovely romantic dinner with your loved one. The app is available for all Android devices so check it out and feel the love!


2. Romantic Ringtones

romantic ringtones

If you are not so much into love songs, but still want a bit of romantic rhythm just for a day, check out this ringtones app. It’s got a bit of everything and you can set it as a notification sound or sms tone. This app, too, is available for Android users so give it a go. It’s a love day and your phone should acknowledge it too.


3. Photo Captions – Insta Square

photo captions

You just remembered an amazing photo you and your beloved took some time ago and want to turn it into a Valentine’s Day gift? You might want to try Photo Captions – Insta Square app then. The app is a real keeper in general as it offers captions for various occasions, but let’s focus on love for the time being. So, choose a pic you like, play around with lots of filters and options, add some cool captions (pre-written ones or your own) and send it off to your darling. Most definitely, he or she will love your little piece of art.


4. Love Photo Frames

love photo frames

If you don’t want to go full scale on the photo editing, maybe you can just add a nice frame to a romantic photo and send it off or print it for your Valentine. Add to that magic sparkle in the way you look at each other and have your darling smile in no time. It’s a simple app, but it will certainly work for a day like this. Check it out and spread the love!


5. Hearts Wallpapers

hearts wallpapers

Got your Valentine’s Day figured out but want just a little something to keep the high spirits? Why not change your phone wallpaper? Hearts Wallpapers app offers lots of sweet wallpapers which just might be right for that tiny bit of magic you were looking for. Download the app and see it for yourself. Love is in the air, so why not have it on your phone screen as well?!


6. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

allrecipes dinner spinner

So, you decided to stay and home and have a cozy Valentine’s Day. Whether your beloved is at work and you want to surprise him or her with something yummy for dinner or you both decided to be chefs together and spice up the food with your love, Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a way to go. This simple app’s got loooots and lots of juicy recipes and we all know that although food doesn’t make love grow, it sure helps you feel better. Enjoy!


7. Couple – Relationship App


You and your Valentine chat a lot and exchange so many great ideas and pics you would really like to keep but it all happens via various chat apps that it’s hard to keep track of. With Couple, you can have all of it in one place and do a bit more. In other words, with the app, you can plan your dates or downtown trips easily, message each other and send love in soooo many ways. If you’re looking forward to trying something new, this app might be a way to go. You won’t know until you try it and what a better day to spice up love than Valentine’s? Have fun!