Raising a healthy, confident child isn’t an easy task – quite the contrary. Many parents often neglect important parts of their kids’ childhood that are way too easy to miss, but those oversights can have an important effect on your child’s adult life without you even realizing it.

Parenthood, in general, should be based on a balance between responsibilities and entertainment – it’s all about moderation. However, forcing children to learn usually has the opposite effect so the lessons you’re trying to teach them need to be subtle.

The greatest thing about raising children is that useful lessons and exercises can be found in places you least expect, like coloring.


It’s Already a Fun Kids’ Activity


Coloring different shapes, or cartoon and TV show characters, is an activity children absolutely adore. So, the only thing you need to do here is to encourage your child to continue coloring. Another great thing is that you don’t really have to carry the whole coloring book and color pencils with you all the time, because you can use coloring apps now. This is a great solution when you’re on the move and need to give your kid something to do so that he or she doesn’t get bored and become restless, like during a car ride.


Coloring Helps with Skill Development

Young children can really benefit from coloring – it even helps them with motor skill development and improvement. The motions and actions necessary for a child to complete a coloring page include precise wrist, finger and hand motions. Manipulating coloring pencils and developing the skills necessary to stay within the borders will help your kid get used to more precise and careful movements.

Hand-eye coordination also benefits from coloring – being able to successfully color a drawing or a coloring page requires a coordination between what children see and do, especially if a child is careful to remain within the borders and not use one color for the entire drawing.


It’s a Great Preschool Exercise


Education shouldn’t and doesn’t start in the classroom. The more time you spend with your children teaching them discipline, preparing them to learn and helping them focus on one thing at a time, the more they will accomplish when they actually start going to school. Things will be far less confusing for them in school if they’ve had some time to practice beforehand. Having a coloring page, digital or not, in front of them will help a lot with all these skills and kids won’t even see it as something they must do; it’ll remain a fun activity they love.


Coloring Pages Enable Creativity Boost

Being creative and feeling free to experiment is something all children need to experience. Although it may not seem like it, coloring requires a child to do some brainstorming and come up with unique ideas – it develops a creative spirit.

Coloring breaks are also a great way to calm children’s minds and get their creative juices flowing again. When they’re feeling tired and lacking ideas, taking a short break and coloring can really help kids relax and concentrate better.


It’s Never Too Early for Self-Expression


Most children react to visuals in their environment, and it’s only natural for them to want to put what they see on paper. Learning self-expression at an early age is quite important. The more they color, scribble and draw, the easier it will be for them to express themselves as adults. In addition to all that, it will be a major confidence boost for them, too.


It’s a Form of Therapy

You may have noticed that coloring books are huge right now, and there’s a good reason for it – they are, among other things, a form of meditation. Dealing with unpleasant emotions while looking for a solution doesn’t have to be done through anger or crying, and it certainly doesn’t have to cause frustration. It’s a fact, proven by much psychological research, that coloring can help calm your mind and allow it to come up with an appropriate answer for a problem in front of you. Well, coloring has the very same effect on children as it does on adults.
It’s surprising how something this seemingly simple can help your child develop properly in so many ways, isn’t it? Well, parenthood is all about learning various tricks such as this one, and these are all around you, really – you just need to know where to look.