Word games are praised a great deal! Not only are they extremely fun to play, but they are also incredibly educational. These are the games that keep our mind in accordance with our body – fit and in shape. Namely, they affect cognition, logic, visualization, imagination and creativity, as well as numerous language skills, such as spelling, memorizing unfamiliar word lists, and what not. While playing those games everything is being acquired or improved completely subconsciously, which thus provides us with the sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Knowing that your kids can learn while having fun at the same time, without feeling pushed or frustrated for having to formally study, you might want to provide them with some good word and puzzle games. Here are a couple of them you might want to consider playing with your children.

1. Hangman Plus

hangman plus

We all know how classical hangman is played and how good it can be, but this game is packed with fun and education a little bit extra. It can be played in 13 different languages, which gives you a lot of opportunities to challenge your kids’ knowledge in certain languages, be it English, or French, Russian, Serbian, and many others. The game provides kids with a chance to practice spelling but also memorize some new words that they might not have been familiar with before. What’s more, the game reveals some pretty interesting facts about the words you are guessing, and it covers a variety of topics, starting from famous movie stars and singers, sports and athletes, countries, food, drinks, fashion and so much more. Encourage your children to explore while playing and get familiar with “worldly” knowledge. What is particularly interesting is that you get to hang a different character each time, since there are 8, some of them being a cowboy, a Japanese guy, Dracula, a pirate, etc. The game is fun, educational but also challenging. It can be regarded as a form of competition, since there is a ladder on which you can check one’s progress. The worst one on the rank list is an amoeba, but then you get to become a worm, a rat, a cat, and many other more intelligent living beings. It is pretty much hilarious and addictive.

2. 4 pics 1 word

4 pics 1 word
This game is really simple, but that is what makes it good and fun. Once you start playing, you just want to continue without stopping. It is one of those cute addictive, but nevertheless, extremely useful games. Namely, the visuals are very important for noticing, memorizing and learning. The player is given 4 different pictures based on which he or she needs to fill in the word that connects them. So it is good both for spelling and acquiring new words, and for improving logic and thinking skills. It can also be played in 8 different languages, thus allowing one to practice any of the languages given. Also, it is available in multiplayers mode, which gives a kid a chance to challenge someone else in playing, thus making the competing part an attractive quality of the game.

3. Associations – Word Game


This is actually a very good brain game, since playing with words is the best possible mental workout. The words given are excellent brain teasers, which make you think outside the box, be creative and try to think of the hidden connections between the words given. You are provided with 4 words maximum you need to connect in order to reach the final hidden word, and it is done through word association. It doesn’t only make you employ your brain and logic, but also challenges your eloquence and perhaps reveals some of the words you might not have been familiar with before. It can be so much fun if played with someone else as well, be it in the form of a competition or team-work. Moreover, it can easily be enjoyable both by kids and adults, so do not hesitate to engage yourself in a little extra quality time you get to spend with your kids, re-connecting while both learning and having immense fun.

4. What am I? Riddles

What am I?

Raise your kids’ IQ and make their brains work faster with incredibly interesting and challenging What am I? Riddles. The game contains a number of riddles, full of amazing rhymes, that will not only expand your knowledge of the language but also train your brain to think faster and develop strategies. The game is available in many foreign languages, which makes it even more challenging and enjoyable. In case you encounter difficulties with figuring out the answer there are nice, descriptive hints that can help you.

5. Word Cookies


This one is another example of word puzzles game, but this time, as opposed to Associations – Word Game, you get to connect various letters in order to form a variety of different words, containing the very same letter in a different combination. At first it doesn’t sound challenging enough, but it sure is, while being really addictive and fun at the same time with all the cute little cookies you get to bake and take out of the oven. The simple act of swiping over the letters in order to give the answer is extremely powerful when it comes to working on one’s vocabulary and spelling skills, as well as concentration and recalling the old knowledge. The letters given can be connected anyway your kid wants to: vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and even backwards, which makes the game more entertaining. One more advantage to the game is that in case your Internet connection doesn’t work you do not need to worry, since the game can be played offline.

6. See & Spell

See & Spell

Do you guys know what homophones are? Yes, they are pairs of words sounding the same but written differently, and of course, bearing different meanings. The bare thinking about the phenomena makes one tick and boosts excitement. Basically, this is what the game is about: you are given a picture, with two words below it, which do resemble each other, but are definitely not the same. The point is to match the right word to the picture given. One answer after another, and then another, and you really get amazed by how much you can learn, revise and on top of all that entertain yourself.