You must have heard or read lately the story about the healing power of coloring pages for adults. Well, it’s true. The trend of coloring books and pages has become popular in the past years and, apparently, has helped many people to cope with stress and anxiety, to become more calm and relaxed and reach a peaceful state of mind. There is a whole variety of coloring pages for adults, but categories such as mandala, zen, animals and butterflies are most popular and most effective. The following text provides information about top free printable coloring pages for adults online. Hopefully, you’ll find something useful there, as well.

Coloring Pages for Adults

Coloring Pages for Adults is the ultimate printable coloring book you can find online. There is not a printable coloring book online with this many coloring pages: 253 drawings of different styles, difficulties and themes. It might take some time to print all those pages, but the beauty, high resolution and quality of these drawings will certainly be worth the time spent waiting by your printer. A better idea, however, is to download the coloring book to your computer, save it on a portable memory device and take it to the store where they will print it and put some wraparound covers for you.  Besides the printable version, Coloring Pages for Adults has a digital version, as well, so all true coloring lovers can download and use it on their devices wherever they are.
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Printable coloring pages for adults

Just Color

Just Color is a website with a substantial base of coloring pages. With five categories and dozens of subcategories, one can certainly find just the coloring page s/he likes. There are many excellent, high quality coloring pages to find here, but some not so good ones, as well. However, that is what you would expect to see in a collection of this size.

You are only a couple of clicks away from having those coloring pages you like in your personal collection.


Animal Coloring Book – Coloring Pages

Animal Coloring Book is a collection of 20 most beautiful printable coloring pages of different animals, dogs, lions, birds, camels, dolphins, wolves, etc. There is not much to say about this coloring book except that you will love every single drawing in it. Clarity, small details, high resolution… all of these are features you will find in these coloring sheets. This file is easy to download, even easier to print, so go for it and have fun! If you don’t have the time or possibility to print this coloring book, you can find it in a form of a coloring app, download it to your phone or tablet and color in a totally new way. Enjoy!
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Animal Coloring Pages for Adults

Trail of Colors

Trail of Colors is a website with a wide choice of coloring books. They have designed some beautiful free coloring pages for adults which are available to everyone. These include drawings of leaves, flowers, butterflies, dragons, aliens, abstract shapes, etc.

The above mentioned are free, full-sheet coloring pages that you can print in just a few seconds and start your coloring journey.


Butterfly Coloring Pages

Another printable coloring book for adults is all about tenderness, nature and freedom. It features 18 most beautiful, high quality drawings of different species of butterflies. Seeing butterflies fly around is relaxing and calming itself, but putting your mind into coloring them is what relaxes both your mind, body and spirit. Moreover, if you are on the go, traveling or on a business trip, having a Butterfly Coloring Pages app on your phone or tablet will be of great use.
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Butterfly Coloring Pages

AZ Coloring

AZ Coloring is another website with free printable coloring pages and, as they put it, they have “tons” of them. You will find lots of floral, abstract, geometric, and animal coloring pages here, as well as mandalas, in varying difficulty levels. There are some really unique ones you won’t want to miss. Once you find a drawing you would like to color, simply click on the mandala thumbnail to get a large image of it and then use the red button to print the coloring page from your browser.


Mandala Coloring Pages

For centuries, mandalas have been known as the ultimate method for soul and mind-healing. Mandala (Sanskrit: circle) represents the universe, thus, everything around us. Mandalas often exhibit radial balance, which is why coloring mandala drawings can be very useful for relaxing and calming your mind. They have been known to relieve stress and anxiety, and this mandala coloring book will help you do just that. This collection of about 20 mandalas is available in a digital version, inside a coloring app, so you will be able to relax and dive into the magic of mandala even when you don’t have your coloring book and crayons with you.
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Mandala Coloring Pages

Crayola Coloring for Adults

Crayola has a nice, very interesting group of adult coloring pages that include spirals that were inspired by Asian culture, the 70’s, and Alice in Wonderland. There are not very many coloring pages to choose from, but the collection they have is a pretty nice one.

In order to have one (or several) of Crayola’s drawings in your hands, just click the “Print Now button to send these coloring pages directly to your printer.