We present you some of the best family weekend activities. No money involved, no preparation. It’s actually a fun challenge – and one that helped us discover an incredible number of free things to do.

Once school is out, you’ll probably hear your kids say these words: “I’m bored.” Try any of these free ways to entertain them and have fun spending time together. With the list, you won’t have to listen to your kids say they have nothing to do during the summer ever again.

Great things to do with your kids on a money-free weekend

You will find interesting educational and fun quizzes for kids who like it, the adorable talking pets, the best collection of sounds, ringtones and songs for kids who are into music, and fun coloring pages for coloring adventure!

If you’re inspired to try your own money-free weekend, this list can be very helpful and act as a plan of things to do to make it more enjoyable. Make the most of your upcoming weekend, and check out these great ideas for a fun family weekend that doesn’t break the bank. 🙂