Attention, attention, parents and kids! Here’s a game that will literally blow your mind, since it definitely shocked ours! Of course, when said shocked, it was meant completely positively. It is educational on so many levels (assuming that you already know the basic rules of the game.)

What happens to catch attention at first is the fact that the game is excellent for mastering certain language skills, such as spelling. It does not only offer the possibility to practice English, but also gives you an opportunity to learn some new languages. Namely, the game is available in various languages as well – 13 to be exact, some of them being German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and many more. Okay, let’s be real, your kids cannot master foreign languages through the game, but getting in touch with them and certain words can be helpful and a wonderful, enriching experience.

hangman Hangman Hangman Hangman

Furthermore, Hangman Plus can be educational on a general level, as the words offered encompass a variety of topics and fields. You get to guess the words related to famous movie stars and other celebrities, sports and athletes, fashion, geography, music, TV shows, food and drinks, animals and many more. What the game developers thought of this time is to give you some pieces of interesting info and facts about the items occurring in the game. Regardless of your answer being correct or wrong, you get to read a fun fact about it, and trust us, some of them can be really intriguing from time to time. Now, come on, let’s face it, you wouldn’t think about these things on your own probably, so it can be a nice excuse to encourage your children to explore a little bit more. Nevertheless, you get to spend more time with your family playing the game, in case you choose to join them.

Hangman hangman hangman

Next, what can also be noticed about Hangman Plus is that graphic designers wanted to go with simplicity, with the philosophy “less is more” in mind. There are not so many details or special effects, which is fine. On the contrary, it is so cool that the background and the drawings look rather retro, like you are rifling through an old school notebook or someone’s diary. Moreover, the game play is ranked. The lowest level on the ladder is the one of amoeba, and as you progress you go to a worm, a rat, a cat, and so on. You can make it a competition among your children, trying to see which one of them can go further on the scale. There is one thing to be careful about, though, and that is you have to remember to save your progress with every level, for if you happen to give a wrong answer you can fall down to the bottom again. Plus, the time allocated for guessing the word is 2 minutes, but you also have an option of hitting the pause button in case the time given is not enough.

Hangman Hangman hangman hangman

What happened to be a nice touch is that you get to play hanging a different character each time, since there are 8 of them; so you can see Dracula, Superman, Pirate, Cowboy, Zombie, as they randomly change each time you guess the word. Again, what is good about these characters is that they are localized in the sense that each one of them comes from a different culture. Yet another educational aspect: if your young ones see a man wearing a kimono, a straw-hat and a pair of flip-flops with a pair of swords stuck into his belt, they might want to know who he is or where he is from, and you can dig in together into the Japanese culture, and the options of discovering it can be limitless.

hangman Hangman hangman hangman

We may now rest our case and tell you that Hangman Plus is a must! If you need your children to be occupied with something while you are finishing your chores or running your errands, let it be the one game that is completely harmless and pro-smart. One thing is sure, you won’t regret getting it!