Were you ever woken up in the middle of the night to answer “Who discovered America?” or ”How many legs do spiders have?” Well, you can never know what your kid might ask you. They are growing, and they need answers to a lot of things, which means you would have to answer every ‘who, what, when, where, why, how’! And that can be daunting.

Keep children engaged

If you are looking for something to keep the budding kids curious and entertained at the same time, then different educational quizzes are an excellent choice. As a parent, I think a kid should be outside playing, rather than sitting in front of yet another screen. But, when it is impossible, some games like a general education quiz, animal quiz or trivia quiz are an excellent choice to learn and spend quality time with your children.

Build strong bonds between parents and children

Spending quality time with your children is very important, and parents should be more engaged in their children’s lives. Quiz games are a fun way to study and help improve one’s general knowledge. Educational quizzes can also be called a mind sport, because they maximize your child’s school potential, improve spellings and vocabulary and competitive skills. Most kids have a natural way of picking up new info — they learn best either by listening, looking, or doing. Reveal how your kid’s brain works best by playing different educational quizzes.

Time to test those little minds

General Knowledge Quiz

Gear up the curious minds with this general knowledge quiz. This GK quiz contains a bunch of trivia questions and answers from different categories and fun facts for every single quiz question you answer. Play this quiz together and spend some enjoyable time.

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Geography Quiz

This Geography Quiz is suitable for children of all ages and the whole family too. The app contains world geography questions range from the capitals to flags to more specific questions for advanced learners and geography lovers. Each question is accompanied by images and fun facts, which helps children memorize or recall better.

Geography Quiz

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World History Quiz

It is time to dive into some history trivia questions, to get some crunchy answers from children’s curious minds. My children find history hard to learn due to a large number of dates, numbers and facts they need to memorize. But, with this interesting quiz, history is fun and not boring anymore. With over 150 questions, answers and fun facts, this quiz app can be a true source of knowledge for all those who are looking for a way to make it more fun to learn.

History Quiz

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Want to make your kids scratch their heads to find the answers? Then give your kids these educational quizzes, keep them engaged and help them in the learning phase.