Mandalas are not new concepts and objects. They are pretty old, dating back to the ancient cultures of Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, as well as Hindus and Buddhists. They were and are considered sacred pieces of artwork even today. How come?

Mandala Coloring Pages


In the past, people used to draw and make concentric circles, very colorful and wonderfully embroidered. Those circles, or that is to say mandalas, were also called and known as “the containers of essence,” thus representing wholeness, peace, spirituality, health, well-being, unity, harmony. They were of utter importance for people’s spiritual development, through a form of meditation.

Today, in the age of fast-paced life and lack of time, hardly would anyone see a person dedicating that much time to drawing a mandala, let alone interpreting its every line and color the way it is supposed to be. That is why people can now reach for mandala coloring pages, whose effect is equally good, relaxing and healing.

Mandala coloring books and pages are ready-made drawings of mandalas of different shapes and sizes. They can be found in bookstores, in case someone likes to feel the paper and crayons between his/her fingers. On the other hand, there are people who find it more satisfying when they type on their phone screen, thus completing a digital mandala brings their inner peace.

Mandala Coloring Pages


Mandala coloring pages are perfect for stress-relief. Besides that, they really can bring you to a state of meditation. First, while coloring a mandala drawing in a coloring book, one needs to focus on its form and shape. Through paying attention to its lines, the mandala reveals itself to you. It decodes all its secrets and gives you all the symbolism of the artwork, which are messages to be received and remembered. That can be a really recuperating experience once you try. Just sit back with a coloring book in your lap and let go.

This may sound as a cliche, but when coloring a mandala you are examining yourself without even knowing it. You have probably heard before that every color brings its own meaning. Every color perhaps holds an explanation of why certain things are the way they are. They can even reveal certain aspects of your character. Therefore, focus on your mandala, isolate yourself, and color it thoroughly. Once you step back, you will realize which colors you used the most and what they stand for.

Mandala coloring pages can serve as a perfect tool for engaging your creative part of the brain. The state that mandala brings you to is a state free of logic. It is the state where you intuition rises, as it brings a reflection of your own life and thoughts.That can most certainly be useful.

Mandala coloring pages are coloring books full of magic, sacredness, and peacefulness. Above all, they are a stress-free zone that enables you to refresh yourself and escape. Give yourself in and find out how much good you can do for yourself if only you got in touch with mandala-experience.