Technology has a great impact on the young generation today given that many children are under a strong influence of video games. These games are very popular nowadays and, as parents, we want to protect our children from violent games and negative effects they can have. By banning kids from playing any games, we restrict our children in taking the benefits that certain games could have. Parents just need to be wise when choosing the right games for their children because there are some useful things to be gained from them. Choosing educational games like math games can most certainly improve children’s knowledge and challenge them in a positive way.

Many parents have difficulties to get their children off a computer for a longer period of time in order to prevent them from playing violent video games. Yet, in case they play math games, you should give them time to play and practice mathematics. The problem with video games promoting violence is the one many parents share. However, there are certain games (mostly educational) which bring along many benefits. Studies have shown that math games actually seem to provide quite the opposite effect on children compared to violent video games. They tend to be calm and well-focused. Playing games like “Math vs Dinosaurs” will make practice easy and interesting, while “Math Duel” can help your kids to enhance their math skills and have fun while playing with friends.

Children usually think that math games are boring and don’t want to play them, but you just need to persuade them to give it a try, at least once. They will really enjoy playing math games and will definitely ask to play again. Mental stimulation that math games give them is like the one they have playing shooting games. Kids have to use certain strategies to solve problems, and that requires concentration. Once they try math games, they will find them very challenging.


Some parents deal with additional difficulties, such as having a disabled child who is limited to a wheelchair, or who has some other medical condition that prevents him/her from enjoying playing with children outdoors. Given that they cannot run around with others, these kids have an alternative of playing video games for fun. Instead of spending hours in front of a shooter or any other game of the sort, why not give them a math game to play? As a result, they will have fun and learn at the same time, thus possibly feeling more accomplished and self-confident.

Every parent wants the best for his/her child, even when it comes to the choice of games. You can do this by introducing them to reliable educational games. Games like math games stimulate their minds and help them do better in their math classes. The choice between violent video games and math games should be an easy one to make. Make a choice that promotes good behavior and advanced mental growth; your child will benefit in so many ways. You can be sure that math games are the best alternative, since:

🌟They strengthen concentration, so children who play math games can benefit from it and get better results at school
🌟They develop and improve dexterity.
🌟They develop and improve memory.
🌟They improve logical ability, intuition and reasoning.
🌟They promote goal setting and achievement.
🌟They encourage future academic success in science subjects such as mathematics, engineering, technology.

If your child is struggling with math, then try math games. You’ll be surprised by how they work. When playing fun games, kids are not even aware of learning and they can indeed learn a lot with math games. So, by keeping your kids busy with math games, you provide them with useful entertainment and help them develop life-important skills.