Do you have a photo editor on your phone for glamorizing and beautifying your photos before you post them to Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat? Everyone does, right? Among hundreds of photo editor apps for Android devices, we chose to write about Photo Editor for Android by AppsForIG, an app that has not been written about yet, but still is good enough to have its own review.

Photo Editor for Android by AppsForIG

With close to 1,000,000 downloads, 4.3 stars rating from around 4.800 reviews, users have confirmed that it is safe and worth downloading. It requires Android 4.0 OS, so it is compatible with most phones and tablets, but the fact that the last update was in July, 2016 might be either concerning or a proof that the app has been brought to its best performance and needs no further improvement at this point. User comments are mostly positive: photographers saying that the app has all they need, others use stickers to play jokes on their friends, whereas some use it to add that “final touch” to their selfie for Instagram.


The first impression about this photo editor is that it is simple and easy to use. Some of the most popular apps of this kind can cause frustration because of their complexity, but it took less than 20 minutes to go through all the features and figure out how Photo Editor for Android works.

There are 19 different features that help you edit your photo. One click improves image quality into HD, fixes colors and/or lighting on your picture. There is a dozen of different photo effects (different from those in Instagram) and 23 pretty cool stickers you can combine and use. Moreover, you can use vignette to darken or whiten the edges of your image and use the “Focus” feature to add focus to the most important part of the photo and blur the rest of it.

The nice thing developers did here was to put all these features in a very logical order, so users would not have to go back and forth looking for the feature they need. “Orientation” helps you easily rotate your image to a desired position, whereas lighting, color and sharpness help you edit all the tiny details from brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows to saturation, warmth, tint and fade. “Splash” is a cool feature that enables you to have both black & white and color effects on your image, but might be tricky to use due to the fact that one needs to be very accurate with marking the parts of the photo they want to have in color.

Photo Editor for Android by AppsForIG                           Photo Editor for Android by AppsForIG

Drawing and placing text on your photo in different colors is pretty easy, depending on how good you are at drawing. One thing missing here is the choice of fonts for your text. There is only one font you can use, but you can alter the position and the size of the text you want to implement.

When it comes to using “Redeye” option, no success. You can only slightly remove red eyes from your photo, so that gives the developers something to work on. However, “Blemish” is a feature to be very thankful for – it helps you remove all irregularities on your photo (e.g. pimples or marks on your face/skin). Tap on “Whiten” if there are any dark details on the photo you would like to make visible and “Blur” to make other details less visible and recognizable.

                            BEFORE                                                                                             AFTER

Photo Editor for Android by AppsForIG                       Photo Editor for Android by AppsForIG

Finally, after you’ve completed the editing process, an ad pops up. Nothing pushy, just a pop up ad easy to close. Some find it very inconvenient and frustrating, but bearing in mind that this is a free, but high quality app, an ad here and there shouldn’t be an issue.

As the final stage of the process, Photo Editor for Android offers you to share the photo via Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp and several other apps. What seems to be an extra effort or bonus feature added by developers is a list of most popular Instagram hashtags for more likes that pop up if you choose to share your photo on Instagram. Instead of typing all of these in your post, you just need to tap on “Copy and share” and paste the text later in your post.

Photo Editor for Android by AppsForIG                        Photo Editor for Android by AppsForIG

In comparison to the popular photo editors with millions of downloads, Photo Editor has shown competitive spirit in all aspects. The lack of a greater number of photo effects and typing fonts is replaced with simple and easy-to-use interface and a fair number of features. Those 4700+ users have voted justly – 4.3 stars out of 5 is proper rating for Photo Editor for Android.

To download this app, follow the link to Google Play Store. Have fun!