Have you ever played red hands as a kid? There are adults, people with responsible jobs and families, who still play the game from time to time. It just never gets old! Although popular as a kids’ game, many parents of the modern era believe that Red hands (also known as hot hands, slapsies, slap jack, red tomato, slaps, or simply the hand-slap game) might be too violent for their kids. This is, actually, one of the main reasons why we chose to write about Red Hands – 2-Player Games rather than Clash of Clans (or any similar game). Now everyone can play red hands without their hands hurting and turning red. Available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Windows Phone Store and Amazon Store, Red Hands has become very popular planet-wide. However, this article will be about Red Hands on Google Play Store only.

Red Hands - 2-Player Game by Peaksel


Red Hands – 2-Player Games by PeakselGames is a simple, but very addictive game for two players and a super fun pastime activity. Android phone and tablet users find it amusing and over 6,000,000 downloads can prove that. The average rating for this mini-game is 4.0 stars. Considering the fact that slightly over 69,000 users reviewed the game, four stars rating is something to be proud of. Most bad reviews state that “the game freezes” or “it won’t even start”, so we decided to test the game on several different phones. It appears that the game actually does freeze on LG G2x and will not work on Samsung Galaxy Ace, but works well on several other (newer) devices we used, such as Huawei G7, Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6. This means that the problem might be the device you are using, not the app, so make sure that the app you are downloading is compatible with your device or that you have a processor good enough to start the app. The content rating for Red Hands is PEGI 3, which means that it is safe to play if you are older than 3, and the last update that has been done to improve the game was in September, 2016.

Our team had lots of fun, even organized a mini tournament while testing the game, so our personal, collective review would be 4.4 stars.

Red Hands - 2-Player Game by Peaksel


The first impression about Red Hands was the goofy, cartoon-like, cheerful music. It instantly brings you up, but also makes up for simple game design. That simplicity is not a bad thing proved the example of Flappy Bird just a couple of years ago. A brief tutorial takes you through the gameplay so you can make sure how to play the game. There are also 19 different languages in which the game is translated, so if you are Thai, Polish, Italian, French or Spanish (among others), you can play Red Hands in your own language.

Since Red Hands is a two-player game, you should find an opponent (it’s more fun and less predictable than if you played by yourself) and choose your “weapon”. Namely, there are 23 different arms and animal/monster limbs you can choose from and play with. This is where it gets interesting because most of them are very well designed, which makes you want to use all of them at once.

Red Hands - 2-Player Game by Peaksel                    Red Hands - 2-Player Game by Peaksel                

Once you are ready to play, all the fun starts.  One player taps the screen to attack, while the other taps to retreat and avoid the slap. The player who reaches the score of 10 slaps wins! It can get very intense and the situation gets heated up as players get closer to the end. A very funny and, at the same time, smart feature is the penalty for chickening out. If you retreat three times in a row and the opponent does not attack, you get chained up for a punishment slap. As you slap one another (in the game, of course), the hands you chose to play with become more and more red, which is another thoughtful feature by the designers. When one of the players finally scores 10 slaps, the game is over and you want to start again.

The experience of playing Red Hands could be deranged by ads that pop up every now and then. Considering the fact that the game is free, one can expect to run into ads while playing, but there is always the option to turn off the internet and avoid the ads.

Red Hands - 2-Player Game by Peaksel                   Red Hands - 2-Player Game by Peaksel


After testing the game, we organized a Red Hands Tournament to see what a mass reaction to the game would look like. There were 24 contestants and the winner won free coffee for an entire month. You could not imagine how much passion and energy the contestants invested just to win free coffee! It can be said that the Red Hands Tournament was one of the funniest two hours spent at the company.

To conclude, if you play Red Hands on your phone or tablet, no crying due to physical pain is guaranteed, you can have tons of fun and do it all for free. Red Hands – 2-Player Games is not the best Android game ever, but it is definitely worth having on your device!