Rare are activities that kids like better than coloring. It gives them the possibility to design their own worlds, which will feature all the colors that they like. Even adults today like to engage in this activity given that many see it as a way to reduce stress and calm the mind. Aside from the calmness, there are other benefits of coloring books, such as:

  • They give kids a chance to develop and show off their creativity
  • Coloring improves hand-eye coordination, as well as color recognition
  • Coloring books help kids learn how to concentrate and focus on getting the job done
  • Coloring as an activity can have therapeutic effects

With all these benefits (even though kids are not aware of them), it is easy to see why this activity is so popular with people of all ages. Since the evolution of smartphones and their constant upgrading, the world of coloring books has moved to the flat touch-screens. Thus, we have selected some coloring books that you and your kids should definitely try.


Dinosaur coloring pages

Featuring pure cuteness, the happy dinos in these coloring pages will be more than glad to teach your kids how to match colors. Their smiling faces and goofy looks will keep kids occupied for a long time. The Dinosaur coloring pages app will allow your kids to use more than 10 color palettes and apply them in 4 different ways – bucket, brush, coloring pen and spray. It also allows zooming in, so that the dinos can be colored more precisely (no one likes color spewing over the lines). What beats regular coloring books is the “undo” button, so even if the kids make a mistake, they can easily start over.


Princess Coloring Pages

This one is more for young ladies. Allow your girl’s imagination to go wild as she colors a princess about to go to the ball. She will get a sense for fashion and, at the same time, spark her creativity, which will surely be helpful later when she has to match colors and clothes. This app contains 26 pages that feature various lovely princesses. Zoom-in option is available in this app as well, and the same number of different ways to apply colors as the previous one. It also features cool background music, which can be turned on or off.


Easter Coloring Pages


Is there a celebration that is more colorful than Easter? No, there isn’t. While every year in spring time we get the colorful excitement that lasts for a few days (and get Easter egg colors all over ourselves), Easter coloring pages app allows kids to have all the fun of Easter throughout the year. Featuring stickers and pattern coloring, fun background music and the possibility of sharing the work with others via social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), this app will allow your kids to be creative and think of new patterns and colors for the next Easter celebration. Then, when Easter comes, you can just give them the eggs and be sure that they will enjoy every minute of coloring them.


Cat and Dog Coloring pages

The favorite pets of many kids all over the world, both cats and dogs are the contours that every kid likes to see. Add to that the fact that they can color them in whatever color they want and you get hours of fun for the kids. Have you ever seen a green dog? Maybe not in reality, but it is possible to do that in the Dog Coloring Pages app. There is also a cat version that features images of cute cats in various situations. Both apps feature the possibility to zoom in and undo what you’ve previously colored, so mistakes are easily avoidable. You can also share the finished work of art on social networks and show the world what your kid has done.

Coloring books are more than fun for children. They keep them occupied for a long time while doing something that is actually creative and helps develop their artistic potential. Get them some of these apps and they will love you even more. Needless to say that you will be happy, too, knowing that your kids are doing something useful with their free time.