Have you ever wondered about the effects coloring has on children? Have you thought about the benefits coloring books have on children? Some suggest that coloring pages have many advantages and some quite the contrary. There are many different opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of using coloring pages for kids. However, many studies have pointed out some stunning benefits children can experience when using coloring books and the positive effects they can have on children’s mental state. After reviewing some of the most relevant studies and articles there are some obvious conclusions.

Coloring activity has always been very popular with children. Many research results have shown that a simple activity like coloring can have many positive lifelong effects on children. Coloring is a low – stress, meditative activity that allows a child to focus, calm and release creative potential. It is a non-competitive activity and also can be a social activity among children.

Recent studies have shown that there are many benefits of using coloring pages for kids on a daily basis. Psychologists suggest that coloring inside coloring pages can have many mental health benefits and that coloring can even improve motor and cognitive abilities. These benefits have been familiar among psychologist since 19th century. For example, Carl Gustav Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, prescribed coloring to his patients to calm and center their minds.

The fact is that coloring is a structured activity and it activates various parts of the brain which generate a creative mindset and mindfulness. Coloring pages are not art therapy but surely improve coping strategies when used frequently. Many researchers have acknowledged the therapeutic qualities of art and today art therapy is frequently used to help people express themselves for what is hard to put in words. During a coloring activity, the part of the brain responsible for the regulation of emotions and stress response, called amygdala, rests which means a child feels relaxed and stress-free. Using coloring pages on a daily basis can have a positive lifelong effect on a child’s mental health and will improve emotion regulation. Coloring allows the brain to switch off from thoughts and focus on the moment. This is one very important skill every child should learn since contemporary life is fast-paced. In addition, people are often detached from their emotions and needs so coloring pages can help with staying in contact with them.

Also, repetition and focusing on pleasant patterns can replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Coloring books have positive characters, animals or fun shapes so coloring activity is very attractive and entertaining to kids. While having fun with coloring pages a child looks at shapes and sizes, looks after edges and thinks about which colors to use. It occupies the parts of the brain that stop anxiety-related mental images. Once a child associates coloring activity or using coloring pages with relaxation and joy, coloring will help the child to control attention and direct it from negative to positive thoughts when necessary. This will, in time, represent a self-soothing technique, which is one of the most important parts of children’s development.

Coloring pages provide children with an opportunity to learn the skill of patience. A great aspect of using coloring books for this purpose is that children can learn this important skill while having fun. A child is creating a piece of art which gives a sense of accomplishment when he or she finishes with coloring a page.
We cannot consider coloring pages art therapy but using them frequently as a part of a pastime activity or even an educational tool has proven to be very beneficial for children. Coloring pages can have a positive influence on mental health and cognitive development. Do you want your child to grow up into a healthy adult? All you have to do is give your child a box of crayons and a coloring page. Now you even have the opportunity to download apps with coloring pages.