Enjoy making new friends today!

Everyone has one of those virtual pet games for kids like talking dog or talking cat, but these tiny talking friends are a whole lot different than virtual talking pets! They are not talking cats and dogs, they are charming, cute and absolutely adorable! Meet new friends – My Talking Pinocchio, My Best Friend Anna & Santa Claus. Is there a room in your heart for one more friend? Of course, there is! Every new friend is a new adventure, so let the adventure begin!

Each of these games usually have certain common elements while at the same time they also have some unique features. So, before you start playing with your new virtual pet, read all features about them and choose the favorite one to make the most of it. Some of the common features include feeding whenever they are hungry, dressing up, bathing, playing different interesting games and tucking into bed when they are sleepy. We will tell you now what is so special about each of them, so you can choose the right one & start playing with your new best friend!

My Talking Pinocchio

Talking Pinocchio brings talking games to another level.

Geppetto is an old carpenter. Dreaming of having a son, he makes a puppet in a piece of wood. Much to his surprise, one morning he discovers that the puppet talks and walks. He decides to call it Pinocchio, and with the help of a fairy, his wildest dream comes true.

That’s how the story goes and now you can join the adventures of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet who comes to life! You can talk to Pinocchio and he will repeat everything you say in a funny voice! There are a lot of interesting mini-games like tic tac toe, jelly smash, and rock, paper, scissors for endless fun. Also, you can play dress up games with this talking doll and make him look fashionable or listen to him playing the piano.

Your kids will play & learn that it is always best to tell the truth. Otherwise, his nose will grow. 🙂
Enjoy amazing interactive activities with Pinocchio & have a great time together!

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My Best Friend Anna

It is important to have a good virtual role model.

Virtual friends are really good role models because every one of them teaches your little ones to choose their hobbies and develop their originality. If a young girl collects dolls or stickers like Anna, she learns to take care of them and be careful not to lose any. Also, my best friend Anna can help give teens and young ladies an idea of how friendships work through teaching them about the importance of caring for someone else. Providing their virtual friend with love and affection on a daily basis is a simple way of learning how to be a good, caring person.

My Best Friend Anna is the cutest talking girl in the world that will instantly win your 💖.

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Santa Claus

Make your children happy and let them talk to Santa Claus!

Having talking friends such as Santa Claus is more popular than ever! Millions of kids are growing, learning and having fun with their own talking friends, why wouldn’t yours?

Listen to Christmas songs together, write Christmas cards for friends and smile while listening to funny Christmas jokes! Santa would like to make a break of distributing presents and hang out with you! Meet this cheerful old man with a long beard and find out what he has to say. Well, he will actually repeat everything you say to him and in a very funny voice.

If you behave, your talking friend Santa will give you a Christmas gift! 🙂 Get your own Santa, embrace the Christmas spirit and enjoy your holidays!

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Virtual friend games have become an amazing source of entertainment and a fun way of spending free time for children as well as adults. Your kids will have a good virtual role model, learn about the importance of caring and have fun at the same time.

Choose your favorite talking friend – dreamy Pinocchio, cute Anna or funny Santa, and explore new friend’s colorful world with many adventurous activities & hang out with your new companion!