In this day and age, every little bit of our lives is becoming digital or virtual. We can experience so much through virtual reality, engage with virtual friends on social media, and communicate through apps, among other things. Both adults and children are being sucked into phones and apps that offer so much to us.

Everyone loves these apps because they are engaging and interesting, particularly for children. For example, virtual pets and friends are loved and appreciated by all. Both of them are great for certain reasons. But could we settle for only one and if so, which one is a better option?


Virtual Pets are a great choice for smaller kids

If your children are fond of animals, then you should let them adopt a virtual pet, like a talking dog or a cat. This would be a nice way for your kids to play as they would gain a new friend, plus their time would be filled with fun. Kids could play dress up games or take care of the animals (things like feeding or cleaning). Moreover, when a child speaks, the pet will repeat everything in a funny voice. This would definitely be entertaining for small children.

In addition to being enjoyable, these virtual pets would serve as a good test to see if your child is ready to adopt a real one. You could check your kid’s responsibility skills, and how he or she would interact with the animal. If the test is successful, maybe you could buy a real dog or cat.

Lastly, talking pet games would never disappoint a child. They are super friendly, easy to use, and every child would love spending time with virtual pets.


Older kids love interacting with virtual friends


Perhaps your child will get a virtual pet when he or she is 7 years old, but soon afterwards, the pets would be outgrown and a transition to virtual friends would follow. Suddenly, those cute little animals are not fun anymore. Now, all the kids care about are their cool friends.

For instance, one of the reasons friends are better is communication, of course. They could share secrets, talk about toys, school, and anything else. Plus, there are other options as well, like sharing and liking each others’ photos. Clearly, there are more options here.

Furthermore, these virtual friendships could end up becoming real life friendships, since anything is possible. Also, with the help of social apps, keeping in touch with friends would be extremely easy.

In conclusion, both virtual pets and friends are great options. However, which one is better depends on how old your child is. For instance, pets are great for younger kids, such as 5 – 10 years olds. Virtual friends, on the other hand, are better for teenagers and older children. These preferences change with age because their interests change, too.
But in the end, both options are great, since they make kids feel good. No matter if it is a pet or a friend, they would make your child happy and smile and this is the most important thing. So, don’t overthink it and let your child enjoy both options. It would certainly give them a better life experience.