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Test your math skills now! Accept the ultimate Math Challenge and solve as many math problems as you can before the time runs out! Fast math games like this one uncover who the quickest thinker in the room is, so hurry up to find out who is the best math problem solver among your family and friends! It feels good to dust off your brain every now and then – download the game now.
With Math Challenge, you can practice math for fun. Fast math games are brain teasers that test your focus, quickness and math skills. When you solve 5 equations, you advance to a higher level. With each level, you have less time to solve the math problem, which means that you have to think and react faster. Each time you make a mistake, you lose a chunk of time on your clock. Make sure you have your numbers straight, because Math Challenge is all about skills and quickness!


– Endless number of levels
– Math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
– Math equations with one variable
– Fast pace (demands quick thinking)
– Easy to play
– Global high-score list – check how your math skills rank in the world

Math Challenge helps you to practice your math operations and solve math equations in a competitive atmosphere. Solving math problems in your head has become more of a party trick than a required skill. How many kids do you know whose math skills are good enough to get their numbers straight in their head in a second? Not too many, right? This easy and simple game will help you train your brain to be able to do just that. Math Challenge is not just a quick reflex game, it is a fun tool for improving your mental calc skills!


12 ? 4 = 3
15 : ? = 5
13 x 5 = ?
? +8 = 13

Test yourself or challenge a friend to a math duel – play fast math games for kids to check what kind of a math problem solver you are. Download Math Challenge – a fun game that helps you to dust off your brain and improve math skills while playing.

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