American Football Quiz

Are you just a Fantasy Football addict or you actually know stuff about the NFL history? Here’s a challenge: Complete this American Football Quiz 2018 and make sure to compare results with your friends. Who did better at this NFL quiz trivia game? Hope you did! Play now!


The NFL has given us so many memorable moments throughout the years. NFL trivia such as the QB with most rushing yards in the history or the number of footballs made just for the Super Bowl™ game make the American football even more interesting! It is general knowledge that Saturdays are for the boys, but just remember how many great NFL games you have watched on a Monday night, as well. Many football trivia questions in this sports quiz game will be hard to answer, but if it’s not hard, you’re not making progress, right?

You’re not a football fan if you don’t know the basic football trivia, such as who won Super Bowl I or who holds the record in receiving yards. Or the record for most completed passes… This NFL team quiz is packed with NFL trivia questions you should know the answers to. COME. PLAY NOW!

This NFL quiz has exactly 150 questions that require knowledge about the NFL trivia all the way back from AFL to NFL Combine 2018.


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American Football Quiz 2018 is the NFL quiz app with 150 NFL trivia questions and answers, and awesome fun facts about football players, teams and coaches.
Looking for a sports quiz with NFL trivia questions about the Playoffs, Super Bowl, MVPs – American Football Quiz 2018 has it all!
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