Why Work At Peaksel?

Professional Development

We constantly invest in learning and development of our employees so that they can be ready to handle challenging tasks like world-class pros.
While in outsourcing companies you receive subjective feedback from a single person, client or a product manager, here at Peaksel you get a chance to receive feedback from millions of real users and learn tips and tricks on delivering high-end products, together with us!

Company culture

We care. We care for the people we work with and, for all of us, it’s not just about the money. Our job is a big part of our lives as we spend a large part of our day at it; so we want it to be great. For that reason, the company culture is designed to support your personal growth and professional development, but it is also designed to care about your health. To make it all a complete package, entertainment comes into play from time to time as well because productivity comes from a relaxed mind.

Work Environment

Our work environment is one that promotes creativity and imagination, as well as accountability and results orientation. Therefore, the company constantly strives towards creating excellent working conditions and both productive and fun atmosphere.

Competitive Salaries

The structure of the salary is set up to follow your progress, both in individual work and teamwork.


It is not often that we have public openings, so we recommend sending your CV and portfolio at any given time.

Common positions are :

– Game designer (Game Design Document creation)
– UI/UX designer (Photoshop, App and Game UI, marketing material)
– Illustrator (Adobe Illustrator)
– 3d Designer (Maya, Photoshop)
– Programmer (Unity 3d, Android)
– Marketing (Translation, ASO, Creative Writting, Copy, Social Media)
– Project Manager (Trello, Organisational skills)
– Data Analyst (statistics, math, A/B testing, campaigns management)
– Sound Editor (audio design and editing)
– Customer support


For new job openings, follow our company profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook